Dividends / Shareholder Benefits

Trend of Cash Dividends and Dividend Payout Percentage

Cash dividend payout timing

In principle, the Company makes dividend payments twice a year (interim:December ; year-end: June).

Dividend Policy

With respect to payment of dividends, the Company is committed to returning profits to shareholders in appropriate proportion to business performance.

Shareholder benefits information

The Company is introducing a benefits program to demonstrate its gratitude to all shareholders for their ongoing support, as follows:

Details of shareholder benefits program

Subjects Shareholders who own 100 shares or more recorded in the list of shareholders as of March 31, each year
Details of shareholder benefits (1) Shareholders who own between 100 and 999 shares:
    QUO card equivalent to JPY1,000
(2) Shareholders who own more than 1,000 shares:
    QUO card equivalent to JPY2,000
Timing Plan to send in June, each year

QUO card

The Quo Card is a convenient prepaid card that can be used to purchase goods and services at popular establishments, such as convenience stores and family restaurants, throughout Japan.

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