Management Philosophy

The Osaka Steel Group is an electric arc furnace (EAF) steelmaker that recycles steel scrap into steel products and strives to preserve the environment by conserving resources and energy, thereby contributing to society’s development.
We aim to be a solidly competitive, trusted corporate group by fulfilling customer needs and practicing rational and open management.
Toward the achievement of this goal, we will continue to work hard for our own growth and transformation.

Action Guidelines

We contribute to society through self-realization, focusing all our efforts on the development of personnel and the enhancement of our technological strengths.

  1. We think proactively and take action.
  2. We take on challenges without fear of failure.
  3. We strive to master, and constantly refine our expertise.
  4. We are aware of our individual roles and meet expectations.
  5. We achieve coordination through dialogue and trust.