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Steel is an important material indispensable to modern society, used in automobiles, roads, bridges, ships, buildings, towers and more, and supports our lives in a myriad of ways. Steel is a key industry providing various steel products for a broad range of industrial fields crucial to people’s lives.

Once it has served its purpose, steel is sorted and recovered as scrap, to be melted in an electric arc furnace (EAF) for recycling and sent back to society. Of the 90 million tons of steel produced annually in Japan, roughly 30% is recycled from scrap. We, Osaka Steel, are an EAF steelmaker, a specialist in this method of steel recycling.

Steel scrap is a very important resource for Japan, a country poor in natural resources. Our business mission is to contribute to the establishment of a recycle-oriented society by promoting the recycling of the Earth’s limited resources.

Osaka Steel, playing an important roles as a principal EAF steelmaker of the Nippon Steel Corporation and steadily contributed to society as a leading general-shaped steel company.
We have four plants, Okajima Works and Sakai Works collectively called Osaka Unit, Nishi-Nippon Kumamoto Works, Kishiwada Works, and one group company, Tokyo Kohtetsu Co., Ltd. located in Oyama, Tochigi prefecture. Through those 5 production basis, we annually recycle approximately 1.1 million tons of steel scrap annually and return it to society as new materials. Moreover, KOS (PT. KRAKATAU OSAKA STEEL), a group company, is developing business in Indonesia. Based in Indonesia, we are contributing to the development of the Southeast Asian region.

We manufacture diverse types of steel materials, such as angles, channels and deformed bars used mainly for construction, civil engineering and industrial purposes, and also high value-added products, such as elevator guiderails and light rails. We are determined to further refine “Osaka Steel Brand” supported by superior quality and delivery, and to deliver products always accurately meet diversified needs of our customers.

As the world works together to address the SDGs, Osaka Steel Group strives to enhance its corporate value by strongly promoting corporate activities that are premised on contributing to a sustainable society, including carbon neutral initiatives, strengthening human capital, and enhancing corporate governance.

We continue our tireless efforts to recycle even higher quality steel to society and to support people’s affluent lifestyles.
We sincerely ask for your continued support for Osaka Steel.

Representative Director and President, Osaka Steel Co., Ltd.
Junichi Tani