In recognition of the importance of personal information, Osaka Steel undertakes the following:

  1. Osaka Steel shall establish a person responsible for the management of personal information in every division or department that handles information related to individual customers (“personal information”).
  2. When Osaka Steel obtains necessary personal information from customers, Osaka Steel shall identify the purpose of the information as much as possible. In addition, Osaka Steel obtains the necessary personal information, after such information will be used, and shall clearly identifying the relevant customer service liaison.
  3. Osaka Steel shall appropriately manage personal information, and shall not provide or disclose such information to any third parties other than to companies that you have agreed to.
  4. Companies to which Osaka Steel provides personal information with your agreement as described in the preceding article, shall be obligated by contractual means to appropriately manage such information.
  5. Osaka Steel may contact you via e-mail, post, telephone or other means regarding information about Osaka Steel services or products of business partners, other information of sevices that may benefit you. You may cancel or recommence these dealings via methods stipulated separately by Osaka Steel.
  6. Osaka Steel will respond to your inquiry promptly and to a reasonable extent, if you contact Osaka Steel customer liaison and inquire about refference, correction or other access your personal information.
  7. In addition to observing laws and norms applicable to personal information held by Osaka Steel, Osaka Steel shall review and improve the policies described above at its discretion.