The Osaka Steel Group has taken over the skills and spirit of craftsmen handed down since ancient times
and considers it its mission to ensure that steel continues to contribute to creating a bright future as the Group works on its business.

The principal EAF steelmaker within the Nippon Steel Group

Contributing to creation of a recycling-oriented society through steel recycling

The Osaka Steel Group, as the principal EAF steelmaker within the Nippon Steel Group, supports creation of comfortable lifestyles by supplying various industrial fields with a wide range of steel products, including angles, channels, bars, flat bars, light rails, and elevator guide rails.

We are also working to enhance coexistence with communities by promoting efficient processes for steel resources recycling, and by contributing to environmental conservation and development of a recycling-oriented society through saving energy and resources.

An industry-leading company of excellence in the bar steel field, centering on general section steel

We command a dominant share of the domestic market for elevator guide rails and we support “assurance, safety and comfort”

The Osaka Steel Group pursues development of new and high-functionality products to meet customer needs, to further improve product appeal across the range of items in which we dominate domestic markets, such as elevator guide rails and steel tower materials, and, with a view to further expanding opportunities to have users specify “Dai-Tetsu (Osaka Steel),” to develop new markets, not only at home but also overseas.

Establishment of an efficient system for sales/production/logistics
and promotion of measures for energy saving and cost improvement

Demonstrating synergy effects in domestic group business

The Osaka Steel Group is working to achieve optimization of production and cooperative effects (synergies) across the entire group by making full use of the location and characteristics/strengths of each production base located in the Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu areas. We will also continue to implement comprehensive measures for energy saving and productivity improvement to further reinforce our cost competitiveness.

Ongoing promotion of growth strategies

Making inroads into overseas markets, targeting ever growing demand in Asia

Osaka Steel established PT. KRAKATAU OSAKA STEEL (KOS) as a joint venture with the Indonesian national steelmaker, PT. KRAKATAU STEEL (Persero) Tbk with a view to capturing expanding demand for steel materials.
KOS is the only steelmaker in Indonesia with combined rolling mill facilities (combined rolling mills for manufacturing medium- to small-sized shaped steel and deformed bars), boasting high productivity and excellent product quality/appeal. Making the most of its advantages, such as stable supply of high-quality steel billets from Osaka Steel Group, KOS aims to further develop in line with its slogan “Grow together with Indonesia.”

Industry-leading profitability and excellent financial structure

Industry-leading profitability and excellent financial structure

The EAF steelmaking industry producing ordinary steel, to which Osaka Steel belongs, is characterized by significant fluctuations in market prices for the main raw material; i. e. scrap metal and major manufactured steel products, whereby the business results of each company are substantially influenced. However, the Company has developed a sound financial structure toward enduring stability of our business foundation. As a result of steady, efficient management, we have been operating in profit for more than 15 consecutive years, successfully building a sound financial structure as shown in such factors as a high ratio of shareholders’ equity to total assets.